Solar Thermal and Biomass Boiler Maintenance Round Tour 2019

I am currently in the process of organising annual maintenance for biomass boilers and solar thermal systems across the UK.
In order to keep costs to a minimun and therefore offer the best possible price to my valued customers, I plan to schedule a round tour.

Maintenance Tasks

The basic price includes the following maintenance tasks on biomass boilers:

  • Clean biomass boiler
  • Clean pellet store if possible
  • Set system pressure

The basic price includes the following maintenance tasks on solar thermal systems:

  • Check antifreeze mixture frezing point
  • Check antifreeze mixture pH value
  • Carry out leak check
  • Set system pressure
  • Carry out charging pump conservation if there is any

If required, maintenance can be supplemented by the following tasks:

  • Replace carbon brushes
  • Check expansion tank
  • Replace the antifreeze mixture
  • Replace the magnesium anode
  • Carry out leak detection and fixing

Maintenance Fee

The maintenance fee is £120. This includes the call-out fee and up to 2 hours of work.
The neccessary materials and any extra time will be charged separately.
The maintenance doesn’t include chimney sweeping.

Maintenance Scheduling

Please specify the days which would be suitable for you. I will organise the maintenance tour with this in mind. Please respond by 19th of Oct. Shortly after this date I will be in touch to confirm arrangement.


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