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Fill out this form as accurately as possible and we will make for you a complete solar thermal system quotation free. We fill in the same form on a site survey. Most of fields are not mandatory, but if you skip some questions, the quote will be less accurate.

You can calculate your RHI payment on the government site here:

You can the latest RHI tariffs here:

Please note, that a full site survey will need to be carried out before any contract is signed.

If you enter your personal data and submit the form, we record your quote


Project Reference:


Site Address (if different):


Postcode of Installation site:





Site Usage:

Is the property Listed or in a Conservation Area?

Will the installation come under “Permitted Development”?

Are there any other planning issues to be considered?

System Design

Number of collectors desired/proposed:

Cylinder desired/proposed:

Will the proposed system be roof or ground mounted?

Will the proposed orientation and tilt angle of the collectors achieve optimum collection capacity for the location and building design?

Roof Assessment

General roof condition:

Is the property in an exposed location?

Roof slope length, ridge to eaves:

Lower width – gable to gable:

Upper width – if different:

Gutter height above ground:

Is the installation likely to result in the loading on the roof structure increasing by 15% or more? Any prior increase in the loading of the structure must be taken into account:

Is the proposed collector mounting surface of sufficient area, including any required clearances?

The covering of the roof:

Is the condition of the proposed collector mounting structure and mounting surface satisfactory?

Are there any obstacles that will cause shading issues? (Chimneys, windows etc.)

Is there a likelihood that significant overshading issues could occur in the future e.g. tree growth?

Are there any access issues?

System data

How many people live in this dwelling as full time residents?

How many people live in this dwelling as part time residents?

Part time resident No1: days a year

Part time resident No2: days a year

Part time resident No3: days a year

Part time resident No4: days a year

Part time resident No5: days a year

Part time resident No6: days a year

Part time resident No7: days a year

Part time resident No8: days a year

Part time resident No9: days a year

Part time resident No10: days a year

Orientation of roof

Inclination (Variation from Horizontal):


Showers present in the property:

Water efficiency:

Back up heater type:

Back up heater fuel:

Back up heater age:

Will the system meet the solar dedicated volume requirements of the Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide?

Proposed Location of Key Components

Proposed location of Cylinder:

Proposed location of Solar Controller:

Proposed location of Pumping Station:

Do you have attic where we can lead the pipes?

How long is the path from the middle of the collector unit to the cylinder?

How long is the path from the cold water connection point to the cylinder?

How long is the path from the hot water connection point to the cylinder?

Do the proposed locations of the above meet with both the regulatory requirements and the customer's expectations?


Will the installation work result in non-compliance with the Building Regulations in relation to workmanship; materials; structural stability; fire safety; resistance to moisture; conservation of fuel and power and electrical safety?

Will any form of protected species be disturbed during the installation process?

Customer Preferences

What kind of solar thermal panel(s) would you prefer?

Do you also need installation work, or you plan to do it yourself?

Do you want electric backup heater inserted in the cylinder?

Delivery or collection

Are you able to provide accommodation for a crew of two?

Distance from our warehouse


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